I’m helping companies like these create community.

oh, hey! I’m Jillian.

I’m a professional community builder, public speaker and author.

I’m most known for being the founder of The Joy List, a weekly newsletter on a mission to make the world less lonely. I’ve been sending it out every Monday morning for almost three years in New York City.

The Joy List currently has an audience of over 10,000, and is expanding to cities around the world this year.

I also created The Joy List Social, a monthly event where you can show up by yourself and leave with a new friend. Our New York City edition sells out, and is so popular that people started selling fake tickets. That’s how much folks are craving connection.

Last thing: I write about corporate community-building for Convene and am publishing a book, called Unlonely Planet, in July of this year.

In the past, I was known as:

  • The founder of Hustle Fest, a three-time conference for people who want to go from full-time to freelance

  • A founding team member of Groundshift, a weekend for activists from multiple disciplines to get together, form bonds, and create plans for change

  • The co-lead of Balanced NYC, a meditation and conversation group for New Yorkers who want to quiet their mind and make new friends

  • The co-founder of NYC Community Builders, an invite-only group of leaders who are masters at creating space for meaningful connection

  • Lady. You’ll have to ask me about the story behind that one

We live in a society that is starved for connection and intimacy. When new friends and partners are made and severed just as easily with a swipe, click, or login, we lose what it means to be seen, heard, and valued by another human being. Jillian restores that sense of connection and community by creating a safe and regenerative structure to see ourselves and others in the way we were supposed to. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Adam Hesch, US Navy Veteran and Facebook Security Manager