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You know that content creation is crucial for your company's success– but you're busy as hell. You're way behind on blog posts, hate writing those weekly newsletters, and don't have the bandwidth to search for a freelancer. As a result, your copy sounds unnatural and your conversion rates are suffering. 

Luckily, you found me! I'm a writer and event designer who  will help your audience feel appreciated and understood, both online and off.

My clients? Not to namedrop, but they include cool kids like MOO, Convene, Intel, and Ellevest. I'm even a card-carrying member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. (And not everyone gets accepted into that. Just sayin'.)

I produce content that your audience is excited to read. Seriously. They'll scroll all the way to the bottom, hit 'subscribe,' and close that tab with a smile on their face. And that means more leads, a larger following, and increased authority. No big deal.

Here's what I can do for you:

  • Ghostwriting: Humble brag alert! I was given the "Top Ghostwriter" award from LinkedIn in 2016. I've written everything from think pieces for Fortune 500 CEOs to jokes for startup owners. That means I can adapt your unique tone of voice and help you share your smarts in a memorable way.
  • Event design: I create events that help attendees feel welcome, heard, and appreciated. (Which translates to you retaining customers and, you know, not getting sued.) My personal brain babies include The Joy List SocialHustle Fest, NYC Community BuildersGroundShift, and Balanced NYC. Want to learn 7 ways to engage your community through events? Go here.
  • Smiles: I run a weekly newsletter of events in NYC that you can go to by yourself, and leave with a new friend. I created it with the intention of making New York less lonely. Oh, and it's called The Joy List.

    Clients include:


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