Wanna be Business Friends Forever?

You know that content creation is crucial for your company's success– but you're busy as hell. You're way behind on blog posts, hate writing those weekly newsletters, and don't have the bandwidth to search for a freelancer. As a result, your copy sounds unnatural and your conversion rates are suffering. 

Luckily, you found me! I'm a copywriter and comedian who has been creating branded content for over five years. My clients include Intel, Time Inc., Moo, Percolate, and Ellevest. I'm even a card-carrying member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors.

I'll make your content extraordinary– and that means more leads, a larger following, and an increased authority in your field. No big deal.

Here's what I can do for you:

  • Ghostwriting: Humble brag alert! I was given the "Top Ghostwriter" award from LinkedIn in 2016. I've written everything from think pieces for Fortune 500 CEOs to jokes for startup owners. That means I can adapt your unique tone of voice and help you share your smarts.
  • Supercharged content strategy: Need new ideas for content? Opportunities for improvement? A competitive analysis? *Raises hand.*
  • Fun-ify your brand: I offer consultations for companies who want a brand refresh, but don't know where to start.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch, and let's have some fun! 

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