I’m a featured expert on CommonGenius, where I help clients with event ideation, event design, and connections to the right people. We had so much fun collaborating together that they sent a film crew to my house, and also invited me to host my signature webinar:

I had the opportunity to connect with Jillian around building meaningful regular events that foster community and connection. She had such great ideas and helped me think about this issue in such a new way— from rules of engagement to creating and communicating spaces for vulnerability and challenging ideas in a constructive way.

For anyone looking to implement community building events that consistently engage your users, or are looking to create thoughtful meaningful safe spaces for deep connection, I recommend reaching out to her.
— Kari Hodges, Founder of Womxn Rank and Agent of Change fellow
It was amazing to get Jillian’s thoughts on the event that I’m planning. She had so many ideas and connections for me. She helped me think through the purpose of my event, think forward to future gatherings, and gave her thoughts on how to help people connect more deeply. I’m so glad I had this conversation and would recommend Jillian to anyone trying to make something new happen in their city, start a movement, or gather people together. Chat with her!
— Kat Crow, Artist and Gatherer
I asked Jillian one question and walked away with five amazing new ideas that I’m really excited about. That was the best possible use of my time. Jillian is delightful, brilliant, and wise. She knows her shit!
— Giancarlo Pitocco, Founder of Purposeful
Jillian gave me so many ideas packed into a short amount of time. If you’re midway through a problem and feeling a little scattered, Jillian is great at keeping up and offering clear, cogent next steps. 11/10, would recommend.
— Ben Millstein, Communications Manager for Local Projects
Jillian is an EXCELLENT coach. She provided a sounding board where I felt like I was coming up with all my own answers. Her knowledge about community-building is exemplary.
— Kevin Hermann, Founder of Exponential Coaching