I had the opportunity to connect with Jillian around building meaningful regular events that foster community and connection. She had such great ideas and helped me think about this issue in such a new way— from rules of engagement to creating and communicating spaces for vulnerability and challenging ideas in a constructive way.

For anyone looking to implement community building events that consistently engage your users, or are looking to create thoughtful meaningful safe spaces for deep connection, I recommend reaching out to her.
— Kari Hodges, Founder of Womxn Rank and Agent of Change fellow
We live in a society that is starved for connection and intimacy. When new friends and partners are made and severed just as easily with a swipe, click, or login, we lose what it means to be seen, heard, and valued by another human being. Jillian restores that sense of connection and community by creating a safe and regenerative structure to see ourselves and others in the way we were supposed to. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Adam Hesch, US Navy Veteran and Facebook Security Manager
Real talk, I never actually check email. It’s the bane of my existence. But I actually READ The Joy List and... it’s so fucking good!!!! It sends waves of good vibes like no other written content. Thanks for making it.

The Joy List officially worked itself into my weekly routine, and helps me plan what I’m doing. I needed this list.
— Tim, Joy List Reader
This was so much more than a networking event. This was a safe space for me (and I imagine all of the other budding entrepreneurs) to feel both extremely scared and wildly passionate about my dreams. This was an opportunity to lean into feeling sure and confident about what I can offer the world.

Since attending Hustle Fest, I have continued to feel safe, grounded, and at peace, and it’s the first time I have EVER not worried about what’s going to happen in my business. I’m just not worried. WHAT?! I have always worried. Like an addiction, it has always been there. Not anymore, and I can’t really explain it, but I think it has something to do with feeling connected to a whole bunch of other people going through the same thing. I know and trust that I’m not alone in my struggles or my success. And that? That is one of the most valuable things I can think of and feel.

Thank you for working so hard and passionately to put this together. Your heart is big and beautiful, and it feels restful to know that there are other women and humans living their passions like you to make this world a better place.
— Heather, Hustle Fest attendee
I recently met another amazing person who learned about Medi Club through The Joy List. Not only was she stoked about Medi, but she expressed to me how much she loves The Joy List– how much it’s meant to her, and added happiness and color to her life.

Thank you for continuing to support this community in all the ways you do!
— Jesse Israel, Founder of Medi Club
Ever since Hustle Fest, a little flame was lit in me. I’ve been on a magical journey of nurturing my gift, planting seeds and watching magic happen. One year later and I’m learning so much and actually taking steps in figuring out how to launch so many exciting ideas. I’m networking more, taking risks and just truly believing in who I am in my work. I wanted to thank you for the magic you put together in creating community. I’m happy for you sister, I support you, and I thank you!!!
— Carmen, Hustle Fest attendee
Jillian, I’m giving you a virtual hug for creating joyful, vulnerable authentic spaces in this crazy city!
— Yuko, Joy List Social attendee
I hosted an event last night, and quite a few people from Jillian’s Joy List community were in the audience because of her newsletter. We all glowed when we thought about everything that you, and The Joy List, provide for New York City.
— Giancarlo Pitocco, Founder of Cultivating Presence in the Smartphone Age
The community was just amazing! There was a feeling amongst all the attendees that we were in a supportive environment and building a lasting network of people who are compassionate and empathetic. There wasn’t the typical feeling of “what can you do for me.” Thank you, Jillian!
— Amy, Hustle Fest attendee