Kickstarting your freelance career

Workshop description:

The world of freelancing can be intimidating and confusing. It doesn’t matter if you’re an established writer or a newbie– starting your independent writing career is complicated. That is, unless you sign up for this course.

Whether your goal is to become a full-time freelancer, or simply want some extra money on the side, this course is for you. Why? It’s taught by me, a woman who covered rent and all of her expenses from freelancing.... within her first month on the job.

Do you have questions? I have answers. This class will cover a lot of the roadblocks that you’ll face when starting out: How do I think of ideas? Where can I find a writing community? Is it bad that I just threw my laptop out the window?

You deserve to be your own boss. Get your typing fingers ready!

Workshop details:

I've taught this class to over 300 students on the Interwebs, and have a 95% rating. That's pretty darn good. I've also run the class as a workshop at New Women Space in Brooklyn. You can check out my Skillshare course on this topic here.

"Kickstarting Your Freelance Career" is available for conferences, writing schools, and one-on-one instruction.

The Reviews Are In!

"Thank you for creating this course, because before taking it I had neither courage, inspiration, nor direction to pursue a career in writing. I love the simplistic and positive way you described pitching, social media, and establishing credibility. Everything was really informative." Enente Ajayi

“Every minute is full of practical, clearly explained, helpful info! The best freelance writing course I've taken.” Aisha Burns

"Great class, Jillian – thanks! I've always wondered how to get into freelance writing, especially without a portfolio. Lots of great tips here, and I'm looking forward to getting started." Bonjour Basia

"This is a great overview of what you need to start a freelancer career. Jillian is great about giving feedback and advice!" Leanna Johnson

"Although I'm an established (yet still new) freelancer, I benefited from Jillian. Many tips served as reminders of what I should be doing and others reassured me that what I'm already doing is good." Danielle Corcione

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class. Resources like these are so helpful as I try to be both the mother bird pushing the baby bird out of the nest... and the baby bird. Okay, that's a 2:30 AM metaphor, but you get the idea." Claudia Morales

gender bias in the media

I'm passionate about eliminating sexism, both in and out of the workplace. That's why I frequently cover gender bias, especially in the media. If you're hosting an event and are on the hunt for a panelist who can speak on these topics, I'm your woman!

I recently hosted a webinar with VoteRunLead about sexism, journalism, and politics. You can see a recording of the event here.

Some articles about gender that I've written include: