Jillian provides clear and humorous copy with quick turnaround times. She is always able to adopt the brand’s tone of voice while staying on message, no matter what form the content takes. She’s been a valuable resource!”
— Alex Maddalena, MOO Content Editor
Jillian is a delight to work with. I can hand her a lackluster idea, and she’ll turn around smart, funny, and engaging copy.
— Phoebe Assenza, Ellevest Content Director
Jillian is a superstar, hysterical freelance writer who I highly recommend working with.
— Joe Lazauskas, Editor in Chief at Contently and author of The Storytelling Edge
I had the opportunity to connect with Jillian around building meaningful regular events that foster community and connection. She had such great ideas and helped me think about this issue in such a new way— from rules of engagement to creating and communicating spaces for vulnerability and challenging ideas in a constructive way.

For anyone looking to implement community building events that consistently engage your users, or are looking to create thoughtful meaningful safe spaces for deep connection, I recommend reaching out to her.
— Kari Hodges, Founder of Womxn Rank and Agent of Change fellow
Some people can write well, or are funny, or maybe in a few cases, are funny writers. Jillian can do all of those things well, but really, they are just prerequisites for her. What I saw her do was take those talents and use them to build something totally new. That’s the kind of skill that all creative people need to be professionally successful.”
— Jordan Teicher, Senior Editor of Contently
Jillian is a god. She was great to work with and the quality of content produced exceeded our expectations by far. Her communication was amazing and we are excited to work with her again in the future!”
— Michael Owusu-Afriyie, Founder of Owusu & Co.
From day one, Jillian delivered on her potential with a unique combination of enthusiasm, skills and eagerness to learn, which set her apart. She has a sharp sense of intuition; knowing when to ask questions, when to take notes, and when to take charge. In other words, she’s a joy to be around and she’s worth investing in. Jillian is whip-smart and grows with every opportunity she takes. I can assure you that you’ll want to meet Jillian Richardson. I’m sure glad that I did.”
— Matt McDonald, Senior Producer at Triple Threat TV
Jillian is easy to work with. She’s a talented writer, enthusiastic, and responsive!
— Michael Schneider, Founder of The Brooklyn Saver
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jillian at Bounce Exchange where she was one of our top bloggers. She is a great writer, creative, smart, and excelled in all her work. Overall I would highly recommend Jillian.”
— Stan Shyshkin, Search Manager at StarCom Mediavest Group
Jillian did a fantastic job. She was quick, accurate, and good with revisions.”
— Otto Pohl, Upwork client